Property Management Services

Professional, full service management of:

Residential Commercial Owner Associations We offer the following advantages:

Low Vacancy Rates, Experienced Staff, Computerized Accounting System, Low repair Expenses, and Reduction of your liabilities.

Ideal Properties Vision is straightforward:

“To provide the best possible services to our clients and help their properties reach their full investment potentials”

How ideal Management will assist you in managing your property?

To achieve the maximum cash flow and smooth operation for an investment property, our focus will be on the following issues: improve on rent collection; Lower Vacancies; Control repair Costs; and Reduce your Liabilities.

Improve Rent Collection. When a tenant refuses to pay rent, it is usually because the tenant is dissatisfied with the services or the condition of the apartment. Ideal Management will conduct regular inspections of the premises to make sure vendors such as the landscape or trash company are doing their duties. We will respond to tenant concerns regarding their units, conduct proper repairs and maintain good relations with the tenants. Furthermore, we will strictly enforce the lease agreement regarding late charges and other lease restrictions.

Lower Vacancies. Vacancies occur when a unit is not being noticed or it is not ready for rent. To get the unit rented, we will make sure the unit is made ready to show in the shortest time possible, making sure that the proper signs and advertisements are placed, and verify each prospective tenant’s application, including credit history, current employment, and contact with his/her previous landlord.

Control Repair Cost. Due to the numbers of properties under our management most of the vendors will give us volume discount on their services. We have experienced general contractors on staff who will verity the works when done. For projects over our authorized authority, we will gather estimates for our clients to review and approve.

Reduced Liability. When investing in real estate, the investor’s biggest concern is usually the liabilities from the operation of the property. To reduce our client’s liability, we will review to make sure the clients has sufficient and proper insurance coverage for the property, review all contracts and agreements associated with the property, verify that training of our staff on updated changes in cirty, county and state regulations.